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The Lola Vibe Challenge ~ Dinner For ONE

January 27, 2010

Do you ever eat alone? I mean when you go out do you feel comfortable heading to a nice café or restaurant, being seated at a table and checking out the menu before you order. Maybe order a nice drink while you wait.

Or how about if you’re at home? Say your partner has gone out for the evening and your left to fend for yourself for a few hours. Do you make a nice dinner or do you just throw some beans on toast and have a quick bite?

What if you live alone? Maybe you prepare quick ingredients throw them together and finish your meal quickly, just to get it over and done with.

I know plenty of people who are too shy to eat alone in a restaurant, or are too anxious to eat properly when their partner is out for the night or if they live alone. They feel its not worth it or its too much trouble to take for one person.

And I always say “But that person is you! With or without someone to enjoy a meal with, you are still important enough to treat well!”.

For many of us meal times are about refueling the body and… that’s it. We’re probably really good at making sure the car is maintained and serviced and its tuned or checked out every few months but we sure don’t take care of ourselves the same way.

So here’s a challenge for you.

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