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Bring in 2010 with a new Anthem!

December 31, 2009

Ok so we have the chance to make new plans, new goals and new ideas.. so how about thinking about choosing a theme song for the year? It doesnt matter what genre or what year its from, just pick a song that makes you feel good or fits your personality or goals and bring in 2010 with YOUR anthem!

You can change the song at any time and if your really feeling into it then create a soundtrack to go with the movie of your life! Your life is movie-worthy stuff, its filled with struggles and adversity, laughter and romance, successes and dreams so make a soundtrack that fits your movie!

I havent created my own soundtrack yet but when I do I’ll be sure to post it because I know how riveted you guys will be… but I have picked out my 2010 anthem.. although I could choose something different at any moment!

Find out what song Lola chose as her 2010 anthem!!!


Recipe for a stress free New Year’s Eve

December 30, 2009

Alright people if you haven’t got plans for New Year’s Eve or if you just want to spend it low key away from annoying crowds here”s a recipe for a great night without stress!

1. Get your favorite drink ready and keep it on hand. Whether its alcoholic or not this will get your appetite ready for later. For a yummy non alcoholic drink ~ fill a tall glass with ice add in a capful of lime syrup or whatever you like then top it with lemonade and a splash of pineapple juice. Add a straw and enjoy.

2. Put your favorite music on whatever you’re in to, and set the mood for whatever you feel like. Uptempo for a party mood, down -tempo for a quiet mood or switch it up with a mix of tempos to keep you high all night. And the more uplifting the lyrics, the more uplifted you will feel.. listen to The Lola Vibe Compilation 5-Track sounds if you need a jump start for some ideas on putting your own play-list together.

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Grace in a Guitar ~ Steve Vai

December 20, 2009

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Alright people this holiday Im going to watch some of my favorite movies and one of the most memorable is Crossroads with Ralph Macchio. The best part in this movie is the guitar duel with Ralph and one of my favorite guitarists, Steve Vai. I used to think Macchio played all his guitar parts in the movie and he gave a pretty good performance but it was actually Vai who dubbed all Macchio’s guitar scenes.

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Video: Visiting Memory Lane With Cyndi Lauper Live in Paris

December 11, 2009

I should be working on a post about grief but I just had to interrupt myself to post this video instead. Which wasnt really hard, Im in too happy a mood to work on anything serious anyway.

I love Cyndi Lauper and this version of her singing Iko Iko live in Paris is one of my absolute favorites. Her voice is so strong and powerful and I love most of her songs. Cyndi has a cheekiness about her that is totally artistic and her originality and talent are amazing. I dont know what shes doing now, I must look her up one day but I am just loving this trip down memory lane. I hope you enjoy it too while I head back to serious posting land.. Keep reading


Tradition In A Song: The Star Spangled Banner

November 22, 2009

Its confusing to me why some people are so rigid in the way they think of tradition. We all make traditions what they are and to put your spin on a custom long held could do one of two things – it either spruces it up or it falls flat. But expressing your own personality on something so honored, like.. The Star Spangled Banner.. is it really so bad when a singer who loves their country just as much as the next dude, puts his or her own spin on it?

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Video: My pleasant intro to Karen Drucker, New Thought Artist

November 20, 2009

I wasnt going to post this just yet as I still want to gather and choose the songs I like so I can share but wow, I was feeling this so much today I thought I’d post this video and come back and add some more of this talented lady’s wonderful music.

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Video: Something Inside So Strong ~ Labi Siffre Live

November 16, 2009

This song is one of the most powerful songs I can remember, it touched me in a way I’ve never forottem.

British singer song writer Labi Siffre wrote it after watching a documentary about African children being shot and murdered and its so powerful the song has been covered by many groups, artists and choirs all around the world.

Here he is performing live with just a piano, a real treat because I looked everywhere for the original video (well I seaerched Google for all of 2 minutes but anyway… lol). Hope you enjoy this as much as I do. Keep reading to Watch video

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