In Sheeps Clothing by George K Simon

November 15, 2010

Interesting discussion with George Simon and his book In Sheeps Clothing, dont know if I like the host because he is damn annoying but this could be about almost anyone you know. Watch it and tell me what you think… do you know anyone like this? Are YOU like this?

I believe most people know how to manipulate, its a natural tool for humans to get what they want. But when is too much too much? When manipulation hurts others, there is a problem.







  1. I know plenty – they include mother, co-workers, ngo directors, teachers, professors, neighbours and on and on. I believe those who are instinctively manipulative lack a clear understanding of themselves. Those who maintain a check on their behaviour, not least to those around them, have a better chance at avoiding offensive behaviour patterns. But manipulation is part of the DNA of government, the mainstream media, and many of those in authority. The challenge is with those who are manipulated – as we have seen in North African and Mid East states. On an individual level there is a dirth of courage to speak up against what is essentially a form of abuse.

  2. This was a great video Lola thank you for posting, feel free to check out this Ebook on emotional abuse it is only 0.99 cents, and help break down emotional abuse.http://www.amazon.ca/Emotional-Abuse-How-Get-ebook/dp/B00AB2UP0M/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1357589397&sr=1-1

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