Emotional Wellbeing ~ Our Connections to Others

December 23, 2009

As thinking feeling emotional beings, one thing that is important in our wellbeing is our connections to other people. Many times we go through the hectic pace of our day and often we dont even think about the connections we have and the impact they can have on our lives. We have many dealings with other people, our work colleagues, friends, family and our partners. Not all of these dealings end up as deep connections but most of them have an influence in how we feel about ourselves.

For most of us we spend the majority of our lives at work, its at work we spend the longest part of our day, whether your work is a job in a corporate company or being a caregiver to a sick family member or as an unemployed artist developing your skills. So the connections we have should be strong and supportive and help us develop and maintain our work ethics. If we make the effort to get along with our colleagues we can shape better skills for ourselves but more importantly, we help to create a stress free environment. If we spend most of our time at our workplaces then a peaceful and easy atmosphere is beneficial to our wellbeing. Its also important to establish boundaries with colleagues so we can leave work at work and keep a professional distance that wont interfere in our personal lives.

Of course some colleagues will develop into friends and our friends can help keep us uplifted and grounded. A key quality in a friend is acceptance, great friends are the ones who accept you for you and enjoy the person you are even during ups and downs. Common interests are great to have in a friendship but even the differences can be enriching. The laughter you can share with friends helps you to release stress and tension and the support your friends can offer during rough times can really make the hard moments easier.

Family are another valuable connection to have, if you are fortunate enough to have a close connection with family then the bonds you have help keep you grounded. Family help us to shape our identity and provide us the background to who we are. In families that we are a reflection of each other and its from family we learn our morals, values and respect. But family doesn’t just relate to blood relatives, family is anyone we feel close to who we share a particularly deep connection with. Some of us don’t have blood relatives we consider family but our experiences are just as rich with the people we choose to have as family.

And lets not forget our partners, those we choose to have as partners are the ones we often develop the deepest connections with and its the deep connections that help us to grow the most. When we create a relationship with our partners, over time we develop trust and we learn how to trust with a partner who shows care, acceptance and support. As the trust grows stronger we open to commitment and when we do decide to commit its on the understanding that we both have a desire to work on developing a strong and supportive connection that gives us a sense of belonging and security – as partners we protect each other from harm and work as a team and its this commitment to unity that can really help us to grow a solid sense of wellbeing.

To have strong connections to people that help us grow, who support us through the hard times and who respect us for who we are gives us a rewarding experience that helps us to feel fulfilled and enriched. So its important to make sure the connections you choose to have in life are ones that can help you grow and help you feel emotionally balanced and satisfied. Its not always easy to develop fulfilling connections with other people, sometimes it can seem difficult. But remember, one great connection is worth ten bad ones.

Whatever connections you have in your life, make sure they are good ones and if they’re not, its ok to go and find new ones!




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