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A Song for the Journey

February 18, 2010

When you feel like you dont know who to trust, or you dont know where to turn, take a breather and listen to music. If you’re weary from your journey, sometimes you just need to acknowledge that the road is a little rough.

I wasnt going to post another music post so soon after my last one but tonight I felt like listening to something uplifting and gospel music always helps me out. I decided to share one of my all time favorites by the Mississippi Mass Choir – I Feel Like Going on. This song is like a hug, it acknowledges the tough times and shares the journey with you.

Think its too good to be true? Then take a listen and see what you think!

And no, gospel music is not just for religious people! Jeez! It’s for everyone! Read the rest of this entry ?


The Song About ME

February 10, 2010

Soweto Gospel Choir ~ Hosanna

I am listening to the song Hosanna by the Soweto Gospel Choir and while Im not a religious person (dont try and convert me, I will erupt like ten demons) I love the uplifting lyrics of hymns, gospel music and the like. What I really like about this song are the empowering lyrics especially my favorite verse:

Let the weak say I am strong

Let the poor say I am rich

Let the blind say I can see

What the Lord has done in me

I happily admit I dont understand the meaning of these lyrics other than what I take from them myself. To me these lyrics are about me, and the Lord… is me. This song is all about me. Read the rest of this entry ?


Sade New Video: Soldier of Love 2010

January 16, 2010

I love Sade, they have to be one of the most timeless bands ever and I cannot wait for their new album due out in the US on Feb 9 (Feb 8 for rest of the world).

Check out their new video for the hot new single Soldier of Love, they finally got it done and its brilliant. Moody, haunting and stylish just like the lead singerr Sade. I am totally loving this song this video and I cannot wait for the album!!!

Clicke HERE to watch the official video on youtube if the video in this post doesnt display Read the rest of this post…


Bring in 2010 with a new Anthem!

December 31, 2009

Ok so we have the chance to make new plans, new goals and new ideas.. so how about thinking about choosing a theme song for the year? It doesnt matter what genre or what year its from, just pick a song that makes you feel good or fits your personality or goals and bring in 2010 with YOUR anthem!

You can change the song at any time and if your really feeling into it then create a soundtrack to go with the movie of your life! Your life is movie-worthy stuff, its filled with struggles and adversity, laughter and romance, successes and dreams so make a soundtrack that fits your movie!

I havent created my own soundtrack yet but when I do I’ll be sure to post it because I know how riveted you guys will be… but I have picked out my 2010 anthem.. although I could choose something different at any moment!

Find out what song Lola chose as her 2010 anthem!!!


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